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Tim Harrier, born in Santa Monica, is an American artist whose œuvre extends over 40 years. Harrier’s work includes painting, drawing, printmaking (in many forms including lithographs, etchings, gravure, intaglio, woodcuts, letterpress, and linocuts), sculpture and photography.

Harrier has been associated with many art movements including Neo-Dada (use of collage and found objects), Abstract Expressionism (the gestural nature of his painting), and Pop Art (affixing everyday objects including tools, rope, articles of clothing and even an audio speakers) to his canvases, exploration of color, form, dimension, and architecture, yet he has avoided such classifications. At the core of his art, regardless of the medium of the specific work, lies intense color.

Tim Harrier is one of the most highly collected painters and printmakers working today. Harrier’s style has constantly evolved. Harrier's work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and can be found in corporate and private collections and fine art galleries, JP Morgan Chase Indianapolis, PNC Bank, King Plow Art Center, The Kinsey Institute, ARIA Resort & Casino and others.

Harrier attend IU Herron School of Art and Design, Indiana University–Purdue University.

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