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© Timothy Harrier: Profile



Tim Harrier emerges as a dynamic force in contemporary art, seamlessly melding various disciplines to redefine creativity. Originally from Los Angeles and now thriving in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Harrier's work explores a broad range of media, eloquently bridging traditional techniques with avant-garde concepts. His diverse educational background, which spans from the bustling urban landscapes of LA to prestigious institutions such as Indiana University, Purdue University, the Tamarind Institute, and the Herron School of Art, has profoundly shaped his multifaceted artistic vision.


Harrier is renowned for his eclectic approach, masterfully intertwining painting, printmaking, filmmaking, and photography. His work is characterized by a unique synthesis of technological innovation and classical artistry, a hallmark that not only defines his style but also his deep commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Currently splitting his time between Santa Fe and a dynamic studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, Harrier continues to explore new artistic territories.


His creations have garnered acclaim and are prominently featured in notable galleries and institutions such as the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, F-Space Gallery in Santa Ana, and the Richard Kuhlenschmidt Gallery, among others. His influence extends to major cultural venues, including the New Mexico History Museum and the Santa Fe International Film Festival. Moreover, his art has attracted the attention of significant corporate collectors like JP Morgan Chase and PNC Bank, as well as prestigious hospitality names such as The Joule Hotel in Dallas and the ARIA Resort & Casino.


Tim Harrier's artistic journey exemplifies the power of interdisciplinary exploration and innovation. As he continues to captivate both audiences and critics, his legacy as a seminal figure in modern art is increasingly cemented.

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