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In this world of relentless corporate pursuit, where the turmoil of existence seems magnified at every turn, I dwell—haunted, yet profoundly stirred by the discord that blankets humanity, including the plight of indigenous communities. It's a tumult, yes, but amidst this cacophony, a singular, resonant call to wisdom arrests my senses. This wisdom, ancient yet ever-pertinent, speaks of Shamanism and Spirit Guides, a call echoing across the voids between theorists, scientists, activists, and, indeed, within the chambers of my own, ever-questioning heart. As we wrestle with the labyrinthine challenges of our times, this ancient call to unity and understanding through the spiritual realm becomes not just a whisper but a thunderous dialogue.


My fascination isn't merely casual; it's a voracious, all-consuming flame. The "Shamans & Spirit Guides" series, to which I've devoted countless hours, transcends the visual—it's a pilgrimage across the veil, a bridge woven from the ethereal tendrils of animal spirits intertwining with the human narrative. My journey into the realm of Shamanistic practices, particularly the spiritual kinship with Birds, Owls, Dogs, and Ravens, unfolds a rich tapestry that suggests a symbiosis between the ancient and the modern, the mystical and the empirical, offering a beacon of hope to navigate out of our self-wrought mazes.


This exploration culminates in a form of contemporary photographic art that defies ordinary categorization. Melding traditional and studio photography with cutting-edge software, each piece emerges from over 30 painstakingly layered images, a testament to technical prowess and artistic alchemy. This art, then, becomes a conduit—a portal through which the magic of timeless stories flows, challenging entrenched narratives and affirming the undiminished relevance of ancient pathways in our modern morass.

"Shamans & Spirit Guides" is an invitation, an opening of the veil between the tangible and the spiritual, captured through my third eye, lens, and tools. It's a revelation of the profound connections that bind us to the animal kingdom, articulated with a clarity that speaks both of the mystery and the innate understanding of these bonds. The nuanced process through which animals elect their human counterparts for a spiritual odyssey is highlighted, a symbiotic alliance that transcends mere surface-level interactions.

The art unfolds as a visual saga of these spiritual affiliations, embodying the essence of Shamanistic symbiosis, where humanity and animalia converge in a shared quest. These images, pulsating with depth and vibrancy, strike a delicate equilibrium between technological precision and the fluidity of artistic intuition.


In the vortex of our contemporary struggles, "Shamans & Spirit Guides" compels me to reevaluate the essence of art itself. It posits that, while indigenous wisdom and scientific inquiry grapple with the tangible, art forges a unique pathway to a different kind of knowing—a spiritual awakening rooted in Shamanistic traditions.


This meticulous process is my rebellion against the encroaching shadows of progress, eroding tradition. The fusion of avant-garde technology with primordial themes serves as a poignant allegory for the ongoing discourse on the pertinence of indigenous wisdom, scientific innovation, and art's pivotal role in sculpting our collective psyche.


Ultimately, this art emerges as a clarion call, beckoning us to recognize and embrace the profound insights ensconced within indigenous knowledge systems. My work, through "Shamans & Spirit Guides," stands as a monument to the resilience of these traditions, advocating for a world where technological progress and ancient lore coalesce in harmony.


Transcending the mundane, "Shamans & Spirit Guides" ushers its audience into a realm of enchantment, beyond the confines of galleries, into spaces where the supernatural becomes palpable. This art, a beacon amidst the tempest, underscores the enduring power of creativity to illuminate, guide, and inspire us through our darkest times. By intertwining the elemental with the ethereal, my photographic oeuvre invites you on a transformative journey, seeking harmony, connection, and a breathless encounter with the art of storytelling. My aim is not merely to create but to awaken—a showcase of artistic narration that leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

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